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concrete revolution

Best with sound on!

10 strong reasons

Isobetong® by LithoPore® is produced on site which means we only transport 10% compared to the alternatives. Isobetong® by LithoPore® can be compared to a balloon that is filled with air after transport, not before. 

Isobetong® by LithoPore® is a biotechnologically produced lightweight filling/insulation that is manufactured in mobile factories by combining cement, air and water. The alternative to Isobetong® by LithoPore® is primarily plastic. 

The increased efficiency and environmental savings are revolutionary. 

 The collaboration between Antopus Concrete Solution AB and LUCA Industries Int. started in 2016. 

The result is an exciting innovation. An onsite production of an amazing product, every day trying to make the world a better place! The ambition is to grow globally. 

Isobetong® by LithoPore® market role is to stand for the strategic ability. We turn to a construction market whose main strength is operational capability. The market focus is environmental gains, situational adaptation, efficiency and improved performance. Our customers are at the forefront, working smarter and are bigger winners. The delivery is unique, innovative, tailored to each assignment with a response that gives the environment positive energy. 


Kigge (Christopher) Nilsson
Head of Sales & Distribution, founder

Direct: 0731429251