We strive to find solutions that exceed market expectations and requirements. Our focus areas are to find those that are innovative, environmentally efficient and socially sustainable for our children and grandchildren. The business concept is to deliver and distribute products in lightweight filling and insulation that aim to increase efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of construction contracts. 


In the spring of 2016, we signed an agreement with our supplier, which has one of the greenest products on the market. A product that houses have been built with since 2010 in four continents. We are very proud to say that we have succeeded in refining this product and taken it a step further. We have managed to weave it together with innovative delivery methods, modern technology and a team of staff and partners who contribute with energy and commitment in the workplace. To take on the challenge of delivering concrete and innovative solutions to a market that has stood still for many years and is in urgent need of new thinking, a sustainable concept is required. We want to minimize transport, logistics, storage sites and waste management. With this as a focus, we have an environmentally efficient concept that is long-term and sustainable both economically and socially. 


Our core value is respect and social sustainability. We offer a safe and secure work environment for all employees and expect you to take your personal responsibility for the common work environment and safety. If you work with us, you treat your fellow human beings in the way you want to be treated. We at Isobetong® assume that you put the “team before the self” and lead by example in all situations.

Just like when we talk about the environment, we mean that no one can do everything, but that everyone can do something to be part of the development towards a sustainable future. 



Cement is the world’s oldest building material and the cornerstone of Isobetong®. Cement that Isobetong® prioritises is produced in Europe’s most modern cement factory, where 85% of energy needs consist of alternative fuels. Circular business model drives research where the residual product soon results in climate-smart aviation fuel. 



Isobetong®  additives from USLPore Europe GmbH are biotechnologically manufactured. The technology is extremely sophisticated and is based on an artificial protein (Alpha amino acids) which USLPore has spent 10,000s of hours researching and evaluating. In its finished form, the end product consists of about 90% of is air and has a minimal environmental impact in production, application and degradation.

USLPore Europe GmbH